2016-17 Members

School Year 2016-17 Members as of March 22, 2017

Agoglia Family
Aslanian Family
Baxi Family
Beyer Family
Gale and John Selmon Blakley Sr.
Borkenstein Family
Bracchitta Family
Jennifer Huffman and Greg Butler*
David and Jennifer Chan**
Marianne and David Chao**
Clarke/Prashker family*
Janine Marlowe & David Cohen*
Jennifer DeMarrais and Blair Connelly**
Steve Cutler and Wendy Zimmermann*
Dalal Family
Sukesini Dehury*
Dimopoulos Family
Falk Family*
Jon and Nancy Faust
Lisa and Andy Feldman**
Vicki and Richard Fischer
Todd Flomberg
Jason and Joey Fournier
Frain Family*
Iris and Adam Friedman*
Tom and Kate Funk**
Ann Marie & Peter Furnari
Gallousis Family*
Devan Ganeshananthan
Todd Garvelink and Deborah Schenfeld
Gaviser Family*
Marie & Robert Gibson**
Joanne Gordon*
Nancy and Darren Gordon*
Shilpi Chandra and Anshu Goyal**
Roy and Nancy Gross*
Jon and Randi Guttenberg*
Hallowell Family*
Rebecca Hand and Thom Hamill*
Linda and Mark Harrigan
Haas Family
Alissa and Paul Hirschheimer*
Dawn and Brian Hoesterey*
Regina Coyne and Richard Hopkins**
Intner Family**
Jay and Debra Jacobson
Jaffe Family
Jonathan and Wendy Kahn*
Andrew Kaizer and Teresa Pesce-Kaizer*
Eric Kantor*
Rosanne and Richard Klein*
Klion Family*
Victoria Kniewel**
Nick and Val Kocaj
Joe and Liz Kronk
Kuschman Family*
Paul and Lisa Langiulli
Chris Yang and Douglas Liaw*
Ellen and Jonathan Litt*
Delong Liu and Min Xu*
Lu Family*
Makedon Family
McCormack Family*
Carey and Joseph McGee*
John and Toniann McKillop**
Miner Family
Pamela and Malcolm Montgomery
Cindy and Scott Musoff**
Nadasdi Family
Anish and Malhar Nanavaty*
Paolucci Family**
Perera Family*
Fotios and Vicky Piniros
Dominic Pizzurro and Melanie Gomez**
Dylan F. Pyne
Rappe Family
Romero Family*
Mark and Susan Romney*
Cathy and Mike Rosen**
Sadowski Family
Anthony and Maria Sarro*
Sami and Donna Sayegh*
Scarselli Family*
Scherr Family*
Chi and Shahid Shifteh**
Gregg and Joanne Smith**
Gerri and Andy Sommers*
M.E. and D. Stern**
Strug Family*
Nancy and Randy Stuzin**
Martin Susz and Rachel Geltman
Taskar Family*
Bruce Teperman and Edythe Adler
Beth and Moshe Tomkiewicz**
Bill Topf
Shari and Jonathan Turell**
Peter and Caroline Tzelios*
Jason and Elizabeth Vickery*
Jeffrey and Linda Weiser
Weisglass Family**
Loren & Andrea
Westler Family*
Wurtzburger Family**
Brian and Ailyna Yarrington**
Zagorsky Family


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