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E Club Officers 2021-2022

Co-Presidents – Malhar Nanavaty and Stacey Brooks –

Secretary – Alison Press

Treasurer – Grace Lin

Membership/Technology Chair – Suzanne Kirsch

Concessions Chair – Elizabeth Vickery

E Day Chairs – Cathy Rosen and Mandy Mauskopf

Homecoming Chair – Laura Kim

Merchandise Co-Chairs – Susan Henner, Rosanne Klein, and Trish Mello

Sports Awards Dinners – Sharon Ho


Requirements to become a voting member

Everyone is welcome to participate in E Club meetings and volunteer to support events, however, only voting members may vote regarding club business and funding requests.

Requirements to become a voting member:
1. Attend 6 meetings in a school year (September – June)
2. Volunteer at 2 E Club events in a school year
3. Maintain E Club membership

Voting members in a school year automatically have voting privileges in the following school year. However, to maintain voting rights for the next school year members must continue to meet the requirements above.

Please reach out to the E Club President with questions.

Attend the next E Club meeting!